About us

Our History

Rachuba Real Estate Advisors is part of the Rachuba family of businesses. We established Rachuba Real Estate Advisors to bring our wealth of real estate industry knowledge to our clients and to become your Trusted Advisor. This approach separates us from others in the real estate industry. We help our clients build wealth through maximizing the value of their real estate. We believe every piece of real estate has value and we help our clients find that value.

Rachuba’s history goes back three generations. In the early 1950’s, Ralph DeChiaro moved from Long Island, New York to Baltimore, Maryland because he saw potential on the East Side of Baltimore for the Greatest Generation as they built their lives after World War II. Ralph developed a powerful real estate company. His work included land development for thousands of homes, apartment communities, office buildings and shopping centers.

In 1970 Ralph asked his son-in-law Larry Rachuba to join the business. Together they created the DeChiaro-Rachuba Group and continued to grow their real estate company. They are best known for the work they did around Towson, Maryland, including the TowsonTown Center. As a result, Larry was named a “Baron of the Beltway” in the 1980’s. In addition to building and developing, they added Property Management to their real estate business. As Ralph slowed down in his work, Larry was continuing to grow. Larry created Rachuba Enterprises which allowed him to continue his real estate career.

Larry’s two sons, Ray Rachuba and Chris Rachuba, joined Rachuba Enterprises as soon as they were old enough to work. Together, they developed land, built homes and managed properties. In 2005, Larry’s daughter, Theresa Leatherbury, joined the business.

Chris and Theresa created Rachuba Real Estate Advisors to capitalize on the three generations of experience in real estate for the benefit of others, our clients.