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Home Design Trends – Part 4: Sustainability

Sustainable Home Design Trends

As millennial’s begin to ‘come of age’ and purchase homes of their own, the demand for sustainable homes, appliances, and accessories is only going to increase.  In this article, we will review some of the latest home design trends, along with drifts toward sustainability and preparedness.

Home resilience and durability is quickly becoming an imperative part of the conversation around sustainable home design.  Why?  In 2017, wildfires, storms, and other catastrophic disasters caused an estimated $309 billion in damages, in the United States alone, according to the National Centers for Environmental Information (NOAA).   Durable homes:

  • Are built to withstand hurricanes or other major storms
  • Use materials that are fire-resistant
  • Incorporate batteries or alternative power sources that can be used in the event of outages
  • Use materials that are non-toxic and will not pollute the community in the event of a catastrophe

Today, virtually everything that plugs into an outlet is being designed for maximum energy efficiency.  You can buy energy star appliances, LED light bulbs, sensor and timed devices and more!  Smart appliances and controls, like The Nest, learn your energy habits and adjust their usage accordingly to provide the most efficient use of your energy systems.

Sustainability isn’t just for inside the home.  Sustainable landscaping is an important part of being eco-friendly too!   Perfectly manicured lawns are being replaced by drought and cold-resistant plants that reduce the need for fertilizers and pesticides and are wildlife friendly.

Rachuba Real Estate Advisors knows how important sustainability is for your home and the communities in which we all live and work!  Stay tuned for the next article in our series on Home Design Trends:  Part 5:  The Millennial’s Choices!