HOA Management: The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Professional vs. Doing it Yourself

According to 2019 data published by the Community Associations Institute, there are 351,000 community or homeowners’ associations (HOA) in the U.S. and 73.9 million people have chosen to live in a community governed by an association. These numbers will continue to grow as 77% of new housing is part of Read more

5 Simple Steps to Take Before Your Construction Project Begins

For any construction manager, change orders – formal requests to amend the initial contract to change a project’s price, schedule, or scope – are a necessary part of life. However, a diligent construction manager knows avoiding change orders is the most effective way to ensure a project is completed on Read more

There is Much to be Grateful for This Year

By Theresa Leatherbury, Rachuba President and CEO I admit, I didn’t buy into the panic over the COVID-19 pandemic at first. When shutdowns first took effect in March, I had two thoughts: 1) this would all be over in two to four weeks, and 2) As a country, we were Read more

There can be many reasons for implementing an exit strategy. Read our blog to learn more about why you need an exit strategy before you invest in real estate.
What is A Real Estate Exit Strategy?

Real Estate Exit Strategy Few would argue that purchasing a piece of real estate requires a good strategy in order to maximize your investment.   However, choosing a good exit strategy can be just as critical.  As a matter of fact, many real estate investors plan or consider their exit strategy Read more