Find out why you need an exit strategy before you invest in real estate. To learn more about your Real Estate Exit Strategy contact The Rachuba Group!
What is A Real Estate Exit Strategy?

Real Estate Exit Strategy Few would argue that purchasing a piece of real estate requires a good strategy in order to maximize your investment.   However, choosing a good exit strategy can be just as critical.  As a matter of fact, many real estate investors plan or consider their exit strategy Read more

Don’t lose a customer because you were afraid to ask what they want. Customer Communication is key! Learn from our story here!
Don’t Be Afraid to Ask – Value of Customer Communication

We thought we knew… It wasn’t that long ago.  Our properties had low vacancy, even a waiting list at times.  Our residents were living quietly and comfortably.  We didn’t need to ask because we were taking care of their needs and requests…or so we thought. We’ve owned and managed properties Read more

Learn how to maximize your real estate investment by utilizing the services of a Facilities Management firm. To get started today, give The Rachuba Group a call today.
Maximize the Value of Real Estate – Part 2: Facilities Management

Facilities Management Firm An experienced facilities management firm can help you maximize your real estate investment by providing a wide variety of services that extend the life of real estate, enhance the equipment or technology offered, and improve the tenant experience. In this article, we’ll outline some of the duties Read more

Learn key ways to stay ahead of the disruption in the Multi-Family and apartment market space. To get started with your Real Estate Market Space, contact us
3 Trends in Multi-Family Properties

Real Estate Market Space The American dream has always been to own a home, right?  Not necessarily.  The trends seem to indicate a much larger portion of the buying/renting audience is leaning towards leasing options in multi-family and apartment communities.  In this article, we will discuss the 3 trends in Read more