Don’t lose a customer because you were afraid to ask what they want. Customer Communication is key! Learn from our story here!
Don’t Be Afraid to Ask – Value of Customer Communication

We thought we knew… It wasn’t that long ago.  Our properties had low vacancy, even a waiting list at times.  Our residents were living quietly and comfortably.  We didn’t need to ask because we were taking care of their needs and requests…or so we thought. We’ve owned and managed properties Read more

Learn how to maximize your real estate investment by utilizing the services of a property management firm. Read our blog to learn more.
Maximize the Value of Real Estate – Part 1: Property Management

An experienced property management firm can help you maximize your real estate investment by providing a wide variety of services that reduce your administrative burden, maximize your property value and income, and provide enhanced customer services.  Whether you own residential or commercial property, your property manager should be an integral Read more

Are you looking for Real Estate Solutions? See how professional service firms can provide even more value to clients with real estate assets.
Real Estate Advisor for Professional Service Advisor

Real Estate Solutions Are you an accountant, attorney or financial planner?  Do you serve as an advisor for a family office?  Do you have clients that currently own or want to purchase real estate?  Do you have clients whose parents own residential or commercial property?   Helping these types of clients Read more